How many racists have I slept with?

Ramy-Eureka on the madakat

Ramy Eletreby

For the first time since 9/11, I am afraid to leave the house.

Even when the bombs started dropping on Afghanistan and Iraq, my naive 20-something self at the time was certain I’d be safe here in the U.S. Especially here, in Southern California.

People always tell me how laid back and “West Coast” my vibe is, right down to the relaxed cadence in my speech. I was confident and comfortable in the knowledge that I was from here. Those distant wars were not about me.

Today, things feel different.

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Straight Couples Are Nauseating

Eds. Note: Please welcome Salaam, Love anthology contributor and’s newest writer Ramy Eletreby with his column 99 Names (and Queer is One)

Ramy Eletreby

Ramy Eletreby

I have a confession to make: I LOVE being single.

I really do. This is not some mantra I repeat to convince myself. I really, really love it.

That is my unadulterated truth, and I am swimming in it. Take a picture.

Many of my friends, usually the straight ones, ask me if I’m dating anyone and when I’m going to settle down.

My response is, “Why do you want to condemn me to that life sentence?”

That shuts them up, for a little while. I’m a constant reminder that people need to check their assumptions. We do not all desire to be in relationships.

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