Never met a Muslim? Now you can meet 47



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Original text: Never met a Muslim? Now you can meet 47 in our two groundbreaking anthologies acclaimed by media worldwide:

Love, InshAllah: the Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Womenand

Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, & Intimacy.

Meet our 47 fantastic contributors here, and hundreds more who wrote diverse, divergent & provocative pieces for our site for four years after the books were published, below.

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Back to the Rooftop

Nakia Jackson

As much as it annoyed my family and my then-estranged husband, I refused to find out my child’s sex before birth. I figured that the world could wait to press its confining gender roles upon my child. I wanted to be surprised by God.

I dreamt of a little girl learning to play catch and a boy learning to cook. I dreamt of children of both sexes learning, growing, and making spectacular messes. I was determined to rejoice in whoever entered my life. What no one told me is just how much determination I would need, and how much I’d already taken for granted.

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When I fell in love with a Muslim


A perspective on an interfaith relationship between a Jewish woman and Muslim man that didn’t work out. Thoughts?

As a faithful Jew, and a faithful Muslim, there are limits to our love. It sounds fatalistic, but it’s the reality of our particular situation.

There is no G-d but G-d. La Ilaha Illa Allah. And sometimes G-d’s children remain apart.

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On My Own

Image by Erik Madigan Heck

A beautiful, painful and honest piece by Hafsa Arain at the website This Recording:

‎I have to face the truth: I might never be with someone. I might never have a boyfriend, and I might never get married. I have never met a man who wanted to be with me. I am alone. I have to learn to be okay with being alone – no, with being single. Loneliness is okay once in a while, but being single is never okay. Because being single is not a value you have, but the net worth you own. And my net worth is only myself.

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