Thank you, San Francisco!

A huge thank you to our San Francisco readers who ventured out in the rain last night to our SOLD OUT launch party for Salaam, Love! We’re incredibly grateful for your love, support, and wonderful discussion. A special thank you to our MC for the evening, Zahra Noorbaksh, and to the California Institute of Integral Studies for hosting the event.

Salaam, Love editors & writers (L to R): Nura Maznavi, Sam Pierstorff, Stephen Leeper, Mohammed Shamma, Ramy Eletreby, and Ayesha Mattu

Salaam, Love editors & writers (L to R): Nura Maznavi, Sam Pierstorff, Stephen Leeper, Mohammed Shamma, Ramy Eletreby, and Ayesha Mattu

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A Love Story: From Strangers to Family

A beautiful video profile of “Love, InshAllah” editor Ayesha Mattu & her husband Randy Nasson, who was also yesterday’s “Salaam, Love” featured contributor.

Video credit and gratitude to Women of Spirit & Faith, Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Alison Fast and documentary filmmaker Chandler Griffin!

Salaam, Randy Nasson!

Our new book, Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex & Intimacy, will be released on February 4th. In the lead up to the release, meet our 22 contributors.

Today, meet Randy Nasson!


Randy Nasson

An excerpt from Randy’s story, “Becoming Family”:

For years I kept my own family at arm’s length in pursuit of a fierce independence from intrusion, concern, guilt, or anything that would complicate my pursuit of self-indulgence. I was always looking for a good opportunity or a good time, and if you didn’t want to come along with me that was fine as long as you didn’t stand in my way.

That’s not to say that I never forged any meaningful relationships. But looking back, I recognize that when the people closest to me were in need, I wasn’t able to fully listen or be present because I was self-consumed, worried about how I was being impacted or busily formulating a response instead of focusing on the other person.

Over the next few weeks, Ayesha recovered, though we never received a firm diagnosis. A victory, but still shallow and incomplete, like my resolution to be a better husband.

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Q&A with Randy

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The Greater Truth

(Ed. note: Today’s guest post is by editor Ayesha Mattu’s husband)

Honesty is the best policy. Except when it isn’t.

Several years ago, my wife Ayesha and I sat on adjacent sofas when she broke the silence.

“Do you still love me?”

I hate this question. On this occasion it wasn’t the common rhetorical variety that I merely dislike. This time, she genuinely wanted to know because it wasn’t obvious to her that I did.

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